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Working Together for Tourism in Scotland 3 June 2008

The Caravan Club is sponsoring the Scottish Tourism Forum’s Open Meeting which is being held at Perth Racecourse this Wednesday, 4 June 2008.

The event, entitled Raising the Bar and Jumping Higher: Profit and Potential, is structured to provide an update on the strategy for tourism that is emerging, and how this can benefit tourism businesses across Scotland.

Speakers include: Tavish Scott MSP, Convener Economy Energy and Tourism Committee; Gordon Bell, The Retailer; Shirley Spear, The Three Chimneys restaurant; Gavin Ellis, Chair of the TFFC Group (Tourism Framework For Change); Jennifer Medcalf, Tall Poppies Scotland, marketing training consultants; and Aileen Lamb from Scottish Enterprise.

The Caravan Club is an active member of the Scottish Tourism Forum (STF), the Caravanning & Camping Forum for Scotland, and promotes Scottish Tourism Week by supporting STF’s annual reception for MSPs at the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood. The Caravan Club operates the largest privately-owned network of sites in Scotland. Over 60,000 individual members live in the country and The Club encourages them to get out and savour the delights on their doorstep, as well as promoting the attractions of Scotland to its membership south of the Border.

Now in its 101st year, The Caravan Club is Europe’s premier touring organisation representing the interests of one million caravanners, motor caravanners and trailer tent owners. For more information visit The Club’s award-winning website at

Source The Caravan Club


Caravan Club puts its weight behind National Tourism Initiatives 14 March 2008

The Caravan Club has pulled out the stops once again to support British Tourism Week and Scottish Tourism Week which are drawing to a close after a successful programme of events around the country. The Club hosted receptions for politicians north and south of the Border to remind MPs and MSPs of the importance of tourism to local communities and the national economy. It also lent its voice to the Tourism Alliance’s plea as part of a major industry campaign to ‘Take Tourism Seriously’.

Representatives from The Caravan Club attended the launch of British Tourism Week hosted by VisitBritain at Millbank Tower, London where the Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, Andy Burnham MP, gave the keynote speech. Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, lent his support with a video message in which he endorsed the attractions of ‘holidaying at home’ and spoke of the unique and precious assets that “lie at the very heart of what makes the United Kingdom such a premier tourist destination”.

The Caravan Club also issued an open invitation to politicians to visit a Club site in their own constituency. With 200 sites across the UK and another 2,500 smaller Certificated Locations on farms, beside pubs and within the grounds of stately homes, it is almost guaranteed that there will be a Caravan Club-badged destination in their locality.

Natascha Engel, MP for North East Derbyshire, commented: “I am delighted to pledge my support for British Tourism Week as I know from my own constituency the value of investment in tourism to the local community. The Caravan Club’s new site at Poolsbrook Country Park is a great example of this – where local contractors have been employed and environmental technologies used to create a fantastic, sustainable holiday location.”

John Barrett, MP for Edinburgh West, whose constituency contains The Caravan Club’s popular Edinburgh site, had the following message: “My constituency of Edinburgh West not only contains the airport, a gateway to the city and beyond, but also the southern end of the Forth Road Bridge, a gateway to the North for motorists and caravanners. Tourism is increasingly important to our economy and visitors bring much needed revenue. Scots are famous for their hospitality and tourists are guaranteed a warm welcome.”

The Caravan Club is Europe’s premier touring organisation representing the interests of one million caravanners, motor caravanners and trailer tent owners, in its 101st year, The Caravan Club is Europe’s premier touring organisation representing the interests of one million caravanners, motor caravanners and trailer tent owners. For more information visit The Club’s award-winning website at

Source The Caravan Club


Scotland lures eco tourists 24/08/2006

Scotland is rapidly developing as the leading sustainable tourism destination in Europe, Tourism Minister Patricia Ferguson said today after attending the first meeting of the Sustainable Tourism Partnership.

The partnership, bringing together key players from the private and public and public sectors, heard that it must work hard to protect the country's environment. The industry's drive to be greener might also attract the increasing number of environmentally aware tourists to come to Scotland, it was told.

Scotland increasingly attracts visitors who are environmentally aware, with a majority highlighting the country's scenery and natural environment as the main reasons for coming

It also heard from the Minister that 16,000 staff employed by the Executive and its agencies are now being encouraged to do their bit for sustainability by using accommodation accredited under VisitScotland's Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) when travelling on business in Scotland.

And Health Minister Andy Kerr has urged Scotland's 150,000 NHS staff to use the scheme when booking accommodation for business. GTBS is the biggest sustainable accreditation scheme in Europe with members in the accommodation sector, visitor attractions, tour operators and conference facilities.

At the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick Ms Ferguson said: "Our tourism industry has the ambition, desire and drive to make Scotland the most sustainable visitor destination in the world.

"Sustainability is not only about the environment. It is also about making the tourism industry economically and socially sustainable. "It's the responsibility of the Scottish government to lead on this issue, which is why I'm asking staff from the Executive and our agencies to book eco-friendly accommodation."

Tom Brock, Chief Executive of the Scottish Seabird Centre who chaired the first meeting of the Sustainable Tourism Partnership, said: "It is up to all of us involved in the tourist industry to ensure we don't damage what visitors have come to see. We need to ensure that future generations of locals and visitors can appreciate and enjoy Scotland's outstanding environment and wildlife.

"The Scottish Seabird Centre leads the world in remote wildlife viewing. Our state-of-the-art solar powered live cameras bring people close to nature in a way that doesn't disturb our precious wildlife or Scotland's rich natural environment. "We also use local suppliers wherever possible, we encourage people to travel here by public transport, use alternative energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines to power the centre, minimise the amount of waste produced, and we work with environmentally-friendly suppliers."

The Sustainable Tourism Partnership is an industry-led body to promote sustainable tourism throughout Scotland. It involves private industry partners, the Scottish Executive, and organisations such as VisitScotland, the Enterprise Networks, local authorities, Scottish Natural Heritage, Historic Scotland and the National Parks.

A 2005 poll of 60,000 booking enquiries through the online travel agency ranked Scotland as the top European eco-destination and 9th in the world.

Source: The Scottish Government

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Tips For Travellers: November 2006 - New EU hand baggage restrictions

The European Union has adopted new security rules that restrict the quantity of liquids, gels and pastes passengers may carry in their cabin baggage, effective immediately

The new rules apply to all passengers travelling from any EU airport and it’s important to familiarise yourself with these new regulations.

  • All liquid containers must be carried in a separate clear plastic, zip-top or re-sealable bag that does not exceed 20 cm x 20 cm or one litre capacity.
  • All items must fit in the bag comfortably and the bag must be completely sealed
  • There is a limit of one transparent re-sealable plastic bag per person.
  • At the airport security search, the plastic bag must be removed from the cabin bag and x-ray screened separately.
  • Liquids must be held in individual containers not exceeding 100ml (approximately 4 fl. Oz) and may include - Shampoo, Suntan lotions, Toothpaste, Hair gel, hair spray, Perfumes, Liquid or aerosol deodorants, Cosmetics, Water and other drinks, Soups,Syrups, Any other item of similar consistency

There are two exceptions to the rules:

  • Baby food needed during the flight
  • Medicines needed during the flight

Exempt items must also be placed in a separate transparent re-sealable bag and presented separately at the passenger security screening area.

The above information New EU hand baggage restrictions is supplied by a third party and jml Property Services do not take any responsibility to its accuracy ©jmlpropertyservices 11/06


What happens when you purchase a bottle of whisky, gin or wine in a local supermarket and want to bring it into an airport in the EU, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland?

All liquid items over 100ml purchased in an EU country cannot be carried as hand luggage through the security search area. only liquids that have been purchased airside at another EU airport, or on board an aircraft operated by an EU carrier may be carried as hand luggage. You will need to show proof of purchase to demonstrate this, the airport or airline will pack these items in tamper evident bags and the receipt would be placed in the bag as proof of purchase.

Special information for transit/transfer passengers

If your journey involves changing flights at any EU airport, special restrictions apply. You may only take liquid items (for example duty free) through the security search point at your connecting airport if:

  • they conform to the requirements for passengers departing from EU airports as set out above; or

  • they have been purchased airside at another EU airport, or on board an aircraft operated by an EU carrier. You will need to show proof of purchase to demonstrate this.

Liquid items in excess of 100ml purchased from other airports or on board other airlines may only be carried as hold baggage on the connecting flight.

  • The member states of the European Union are:

    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (leaving in 2019).

The above information supplied byThe Department for Transport -UK and jml Property Services do not take any responsibility to its accuracy ©jmlpropertyservices 07/07

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